A mission of my office is to change your trouble to our request.My office is doing a study and practice every day for you to help him to confront difficulty.

 I'm kasuya,who are immigration lawyer.

 Thank you very much for seeing my office's site from the inside of a site in a lot of immigration lawyer's offices today.

 Since my office starts the business in April, 2003, thanks to you, it's supported from a lot of customers and I come today.

 I'm doing a mediator candidate and a procedure conservator candidate for certified administrative procedures leagal specialist ADR center Tokyo.And,I'm doing a guardian candidate for Public Interest Incorporated Foundation adult guardian support center Hilfe.And,I'm supervising" the end way support TAMA".

 My office also has consultation about an ADR(Alternative Dispute Resolution) and the end way.

3 points from which our office is chosen

My office has had a lot of credit and achievements for thirteen years!

 I'll make the point which becomes a point of each authorization clear and answer customer's question immediately.And,Accountants

My office is light footed!

 When you'd call, I ask everywhere.

I'm a short lawyer in a threshold.

 You aren't lonely.I help.Please consult.


TEL042-649-2099  FAX042-694-0044
If there is an unclear point, please consult any time first. contact form

The latest information and renewal information

2016.4.21 A perfect renewal opened an office site for you!

2016.5. 3 An English site open!

2016.5. 8 A Chinese(simplified Chinese character) site open!

2016.5.10 A Chinese(traditional Chinese character) site open!

2016.5.11 A Korean site open!


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